On Christmas Night (In noapte de Craicun)

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On Christmas Night

I can't imagine
My life without you
I don't know if you realize
How much I miss you
I want you to understand and believe me when I say:
"You're a part of my life"
On Christmas Night
You were the best present I received
Now I don't want anything
But for you to be next to my heart
On Christmas Night
There are a lot of people around me
But without you I feel blue
It seems I feel your presence
I just want your love
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I am only learning Romanian, and this is a humble attempt at translating this song, please feel free to correct any mistakes that I made.

Translated with the help of Katherine0825

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In noapte de Craicun

Nu imi pot imagina
Fara tine viata mea
Nu stiu daca realizezi
Cat de mult simt lipsa ta.


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