Look what love does to me (Olha o que o amor me faz)

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Look what love does to me

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My heart
beats fast and anxious
it beats fast and wounded
it fell so deep into this emotion
This is the first time
That love faced me like this
Once it was just a friend
now all changed in a bow
I wonder, do you feel
all the same I feel for you?
I wonder, is it love?
it's been so hard to deny it
Look what love does to you
It leaves you without knowing what to do
The day it catches you
There'll be no way to escape
Look what love does to me
I became so fool, I became like this
Nothing will be able
To erase this love in me
Oh, oh...
Kűldve: algebra Péntek, 04/12/2009 - 22:33
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Olha o que o amor me faz

Meu coração
Bate ligeiramente apertado
Ligeiramente machucado
Caiu tão fundo nessa emoção
Primeira vez
Que o amor bateu de frente comigo
Antes era só um amigo


FelhasználóPosted ago
cimorry5 év 48 hét
domuro     szeptember 5th, 2016

In my opinion " Bate ligeiramente apertado, ligeiramente machucado" ligeiramente has the meaning of "slyghtly", it is the adverb to "bate".
After the fall, it is slightly sqeezed and slightly hurt.