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choirmistress     július 4th, 2012

Hello fellow music lovers. I would like to have two of Ofra Haza's songs translated by speakers/readers of Hebrew who are more fluent than I am. (I learned in Hebrew for half of each day from Grades 1 through 9. For senior high grades I attended a more religious school where the Jewish studies content was more important than Hebrew fluency, and since leaving high school the only Hebrew I have practised on a regular basis has been the daily prayers.)

I catch the general gist of these two songs, but need a little help with a few of the phrases. The songs are M'chapesset Derech and M'shorer Har'chov. Once I have an accurate translation of each, I intend to compose a singable English version, matching the Hebrew for rhyme scheme and rhythm.

I would also love to get the Hebrew lyrics to two traditional Zemirot Shabbat (Sabbath hymns), Ashir laKel Asher Shavat (by R. Moshe Halevi), with the stanzas and chorus clearly indicated; and Ya'alat Chen (b'tam uzi tasmicheini, uvalaila, uvalaila b'toch chaikaich tasiveini...).

Thanks in advance for any help with these four songs.

Hedy Weiss