My song (Pjesmo Moja)

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My song

My song
Adorn yourself with flowers
My Song
May your scent encompass the world
Not all hearts
Have grown cold yet
They'll recognise you
Oh song, by your scent
They'll recognise you
As a child of sweetness
That love
Is your mother and governess
That you sing
The song of sweetness
They'll understand
What you do not know to express
My song
You are already in flight
Greet everyone
On this world for me
Greet all
The celebrations and doves
And all those hearts
That passionately kiss
My song
They'll recognise you as a child of sweetness
That love is your mother and governess
Adorn yourself with flowers
May your scent
My song
Greet everyone, greet everyone for me
May your scent encompass the world
Oh song!
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The song was originally a poem written by the famous Serbian poet Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj for his mother.

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Pjesmo Moja

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