Strawberry Field (Polje Jagoda)

Angol translation

Strawberry Field

Yesterday I dreamt of a stawberry field
And lots of people, how they pass by the field
Then I saw our witnesses (maid of honor & best man)
And white roads on which the wedding walks
Unknown and known faces
Around me, but I'm alone
Because you weren't here
I gave you everything I had
If you had just said 'thank you'
But nor in dreams there aren't miracles
Nor in dreams there aren't miracles
Ref. 2x
That's why I don't like it when rosemary smells ***
That's why I never wear white
And I'm no one's witness (maid of honor) anymore
And I'm dying, just so that I don't grieve
Yesterday I dreamt of a stawberry field
And myself like I have wandered off here
I can't find the path to your heart
Because another woman stole all the road signs
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***People wear rosemary as a corsage at weddings***


Polje Jagoda

Juce sam sanjala polje jagoda
i mnogo naroda kako poljem prolazi
onda sam videla nase kumove
i bele drumove kojim idu svatovi
Lica neznana i znana
oko mene, a ja sama
jer ti nisi bio tu


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