The Coffee Cup Reader (Fortune Teller) [ Qariat El Fingan (قارئة الفنجان) ]

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The Coffee Cup Reader (Fortune Teller)

The Coffee Cup Reader
She sat down. Sat down
Sat down, with the fear in her eyes
Pondering my upside down cup
She said: "Son, don't be sad"
She said: "Son, don't be sad"
"As love is what's written for you"
Oh, son.
Oh, son.
He was a martyr.
Oh, son.
He was a martyr.
Oh, son.
He was a martyr,
whoever died for their loved one.
Oh, son.
I've foretold
Foretold and predicted a lot
But I have never read
A cup that looked like yours.
I've foretold
Foretold and predicted a lot
But I have never known, son,
Sadness that was like yours.
Your fate is to forever swim
In the sea of love, with no ship
And your life will forever be
Forever, books of tears.
Your fate is to stay trapped,
between water and fire.
Despite how much it hurts,
Despite its misdeeds,
Despite the sadness haunting us,
day and night,
Despite the wind,
despite the rain and the storm,
Love will stay, my son,
Love will stay, my son,
The best fate
The best fate
Oh, son. Oh, son.
(Your fate is to forever walk
In love, over the blade of a dagger
And to stay lonely, like a shell,
And to stay sad, like a willow tree
And to fall in love, a million times
And to come back like a dethroned king.)
(Your cup is a terrifying life
Your life is travel and war
You'll fall in love a lot, son
You'll die a lot, son
You'll love all the women on earth,
And come back like a dethroned king.)
In your life, son, there is a woman,
Her eyes, Praise be to Allah
Her mouth, drawn like a panicle
Her laugh, music and roses
Her gipsy, crazy hair
Travels around the world
She might become a woman, son
that the heart loves
She's life
But your sky is rainy
And your way is blocked
The love of your life, son
Is sleeping in a well-guarded palace,
(And the palace is large, son,
Dogs guard it, and soldiers
And the princess of your heart is asleep)
Whoever enters her room,
whoever asks for her,
Whoever comes close to the fence of her garden,
Whoever tries to untie her plait,
Oh, son!
Is doomed, is doomed.
You'll search for her, son,
And you'll ask the waves of the sea about her,
And you'll ask the Turquoise on the shores
And you'll wander seas and seas,
And your tears will make rivers
And your sadness will grow
Into trees
And you'll return one day, son
Defeated, with a broken soul,
And you'll know as the time passes,
That you had been chasing a line of smoke
As the love of your heart,
Doesn't have a land,
Or a home, or an address,
How hard is to love a woman,
My son, that doesn't have an address.
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1- This is not literal translation.
2- The words between brackets are in the poem, but not the song.

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Qariat El Fingan (قارئة الفنجان)

قارئة الفنجان
جَلَسَت جَلَسَت
جَلَسَت وَالْخُوْفُ بِعَيْنَيْهَا
تَــتْأَمَّلُ فِنْجَانِ الْمَقْلُوبْ
قَالَت: يَـــا وَلَدِي... لَا تَـحْزَن
قَالَت: يـــا ولدي... لَا تَـحْزَن
فَـــــالْحُبُّ عَلَيْكَ هُوَ الْمَكْتُوبِ


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Just wanted to pint out some error.
مَنْ مَاتَ على دَيْنِ الْمَحْـبُوبْ
is wrong
مَنْ مَاتَ فداء للْمَحْـبُوبْ


مَقْدُورُكَ أَنْت تَابْكَ مَسْجُوناً


مَقْدُورُكَ أَنْت تبقي مَسْجُوناً

and many more error but thanks

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i meant

مَقْدُورُكَ أَنْ تبقي مَسْجُوناً