Whit's luv's uise? (À quoi ça sert l'amour)

English (Scots) translation

Whit's luv's uise?

Whit's luv's uise?
We are haiverin
Oor stories ar' baflums
Why are we luvin?
Luv haes nae exposeetion!
It coms like it gangs!
An we dinnæ ken whaur frae
It taks us in a' o a suddentie.
A dae hae herd fowks
Sayin 't luv is suff'rin
that luv is greetin
Why are we luvin?
Whit's luv's uise?
Tae gie us pleisur
Wi tears richt in oor e'en
It's sair but naitur!
Naetheless, they say somtimes
That luv is begeckin
That ane o'er twa
Is ne'er blythe at a'…
Even when we hae lost
The luv we hae kent
It lets a hinnie gust
Luv's ayebidin!
A' that is gey gey cliver
But when a' is lost
An thar's naething left
But a muckle big pyn…
A' that that the day
Seem tae be cuttin yer hert
The Morra will be naething
But a taiken o mirth!
An nou, gin A understood
Withoot luv in oor lives,
Its dafferies, an pyns,
We hae leevit for naething?
Ay! Look at me!
Ilka time A believe it!
An aye will believe it…
That is luv's uise!
But thou, thou art the last ane!
Thou, thou art the farst ane!
Affore thee næthing!
An we thee A'm merrie!
Thou, thou A wantit!
Thee anely A needit!
Thou shoud A aye luv…
That is luv's uise!
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There are maybe faults... But I think it's not a very bad job.

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À quoi ça sert l'amour

À quoi ça sert, l’amour ?
On raconte toujours
Des histoires insensées.
À quoi ça sert d’aimer ?
L’amour ne s’explique pas !
C’est une chose comme ça !
Qui vient on ne sait d’où


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