Run to You [ Ratz elayich (רץ אלייך)  ]

Angol translation

Run to You

A good life
A simple life
We should just be happy
And you know...
The kiss,
The soul, life on this earth
Common days and Sabbath days
We want a lot and there is little and you know
We say thank you for what there is
Roll along on this earth
And every word she says-
It is burned in pain
When you cry I cry
And it burns my heart
As if everything we've ever wanted is broken forever, forever
I would run to you
Try to get closer
Because I never told you
How much I love
Lay your head down, fall asleep
I am here, looking after only you
I would run to you like to the open sea
Whisper to you, in the quiet, in the wind, in the wind
Don't worry, I am here
Looking after only you
And there are good days like these
And there will be harder days, you know...
And sometimes we fall down hard,
get beaten by the earth
And the insignificant remains insignificant
And with every passing day I know
If you weren't here beside me,
to hold me I would go crazy...
There is a great light outisde waiting for us to hold hands
And run run run
Always remember there is still love waiting for us on this earth
Kűldve: ZorseRider Kedd, 24/04/2012 - 19:48

Ratz elayich (רץ אלייך)

hay'im tovim
hay'im pshutim
sherak niyeh meusharim
ve at yodat...
hanehamah, hay'im aal pney haadamah hazot
yamim shel hol yamei shabat
rotzim harbeh ve yesh meaat ve at yodat


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