In & Out (Rein raus)

Angol translation

In & Out

I'm the rider
you're the horse
I mount (you)
we start to ride
you're moaning, I tell you
an elephant in the eye of a needle
In & Out
I'm the rider
you're the horse
I have the key
you have the lock
the door is opening, I enter
life can be so splendid
In & Out
Deeper deeper
Say it say it aloud
deeper deeper
I feel good in your skin
and a thousand elephants are breaking out
The ride was short
I'm sorry
I'm dismounting, have no time
have to go to the other horses
they want to be ridden, too
In & Out
In (deeper)
Out (deeper)
Kűldve: Mauler Hétfő, 25/04/2011 - 22:38
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Rein raus

Ich bin der Reiter
du bist das Ross
ich steige auf
wir reiten los
du stohnst ich sag dir vor
ein Elefant im Nadelohr
Rein Raus


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Mjonesphoenix5 év 35 hét
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Mauler     május 15th, 2011

Der anonyme Komiker, der mir einen Stern dafür verpaßt hat, soll es selbst besser machen, wollen mal seh'n...

Mjonesphoenix     július 29th, 2011

I gave you five stars. Looks like an excellent translation to me and the song is just wonderful. Thank you for your work Smile

    szeptember 12th, 2012

Just wonderful? The song is pornography and sh*t!