Pictures And Dreams (Resimler hayaller)

Pictures And Dreams

Pictures,dreams are broken
Tell me
Don't your eyes ever gaze vacantly ?

We lost while looking for
A guilty and a right one, this is our story
How do you know who will be laughing in the end
Maybe solitude will be the winner for a life time

It can't be yours, nobody will own this liar world
Which deceives people by earthly things 1
It's so dirty
You're changing
You're loosing us day by day

Pictures, dreams are broken
Tell me
Don't your eyes ever gaze vacantly ?

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Resimler hayaller

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TheOne_Z     július 12th, 2013

Bu malla mülkle kandıran dünya?

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Doğru, orasını çevirmemişim, teşekkür ederim!

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