Don't You Dare Come (Sakın Gelme)

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Don't You Dare Come

Don't you dare come
My words are lost
I treat myself shamefully
There is a sting within me
I'm suddenly in the mood to die
Since a few days I live in a hell of a noise
I'm unable to sleep
Don't you dare come
Don't you dare come
I'm not ready
I'm a madman since a few days
My southwest wind broke loose
My northeast wind is cold
Don't you dare come
I'm not in the mood to come back
I’m far very far away
There is a song in my mind
It's rude to sing it*
Its lyrics are lost
It's lingering in my mind for some time
Don’t you dare sing it
Kűldve: Meralina Hétfő, 09/05/2011 - 23:28
Szerző észrevételei:

*Can also mean like: If you will pardon me for saying.... or; "It's a shame to sing it"....

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Sakın Gelme

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