A plane [ Samolyot (Самолёт) ]

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A plane

I have flown on so much plans in my life
You will never guess where it will fall
I'm crying, because of these number and letters
I'll fly right to news messages
I wish to call you, to be silent talking to you
I wish we smile each other.
I'm trying to overcome falling heaven
I'm not a weakling but here are so big fights
I'm silent, lonely white flag is raised
It's fool one, it can't understand that
Ships have hearts, can chose a way and they are smiling when throw
Soon you and me will be blowed up
It's pity that I can't learn how to stop
I'm going away, coming back like a bird free of cage
Ok, I'll be reserved and like an adult one
It starts to snowing, it means that something has changed
I like your entangled hair
I wish to call you again, to be silent with you
I like your entangled hair
I wish yo call you again, to be silent with you
I like
I like
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Samolyot (Самолёт)

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