Sister [ Sestra (Cестрa) ]

Angol translation


My sister's braids are light-colored,
Color of flax her braids.
My sister's sorrow is unrequited -
apparently, she's in love.
Light braids, long braids,
ribbon-laces -
As if dove feathers,
but needless.
My sister's legs are white,
pointed heels.
Free views, bold/brave hands
my sister has.
And her soul following the music
three roads walked,
Now as luck, and now as burden
wandered-blossomed she.
Following the Falcon, following the reedpipe,
following little bells,
As a white Turtle-dove, as a blue-grey duck -
away from this place's ill luck.
But disaster struck uninvited her way -
Tipsy the paths are across the river,
The right one is hard to find.
Every reedpipe warms in it's own pocket,
Stranger's green eyes one thing know - to cheat.
High up Falcon flies - he will not return,
sadness from people one can not hide.
You'd rather have not wondered beyond the village,
You'd rather have not called that young man,
Who waved his wing, ringing little bell,
flew away, not having called you with him.
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Sestra (Cестрa)

У сестры моей косы светлые,
косы цвета льна.
У сестры печаль безответная –
видно, влюблена.
Косы светлые, косы длинные,
ленты-кружева –
Словно перышки голубиные,
да ненужные.


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