LACCO TOWER - Shio Channel Shigatsugou (塩ちゃんねる4月号) (Angol translation)


Shio Channel Shigatsugou (塩ちゃんねる4月号)

乾いた風が 頬を殴り 通り過ぎて
夢が散らかる畦道に 涙を落していく
責念の火は 煤(すす)になって 流れるまで
どのくらいの時間がいるの? どうか教えてほしい
何もない 何も持たない
何ができるのだろう 僕らに
歯痒い想いは どうすれば響くでしょう
ぶつかる場所を知らない 怒りが踊っている
胸に あざのように残る 焼け跡に嘘をついて
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Angol translation

Shio Channel - April edition

The dry wind hits my cheeks as it goes by
I'm shedding my tears onto those dreams scattered around between the rice fields
How much time is there left until the fire of our guilt
becomes ash and gets blown away? Please, tell me
Nothing; we've got nothing left
Is there even something we can do?
What should I do if my tantalized thoughts echoed far away?
Not knowing where to strike, my anger is dancing
Those lies have remained etched to my chest like burns after a fire
You laughed until that time,
but it feels as if your smile hasn't faded away...
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This song has no title and hasn't appeared in any of LACCO's albums either. It is, in fact, an exclusive piece for their YouTube program, Shio Channel (the April 2011 edition to be more precise), and was never sang or mentioned ever again after being published.

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