If it couldn't be done then it couldn't be done (Si no se pudo pues no se pudo)


Si no se pudo pues no se pudo

Cocodrilo no llores, no llores
con lagrimas ni temblores.

Cocodrilo no te acalores
por las penas de amores.

Ya no te llevo en la cabeza
y no me pesa, ni me molesta.
No lloro por ti.

Me has obligado a usar la fuerza
y asi he matado, toda esperanza.
No sufro por ti.

Si no se pudo pues no se pudo.
No le hace, No le hace.
No hay cuerpo que lo resista
Ni mal que dure cien años, cien años.

Por mucho que dure esta enfermedad.
Por mucho que duela se acabara, se acabara.
Siempre que llueva te mojara
y aunque te empape se secara, se secara.

Kűldve: JohannesPerez Szerda, 27/10/2010 - 08:06
Try to align
Angol translation

If it couldn't be done then it couldn't be done

Crocodile don't cry, don't cry
with tears or quivers.

Crocodile don't you heat up
because of heartaches.

I don't carry you in my head anymore
and it's no burden, doesn't bother me.
I don't cry for you.

You've made me use force
and thus I've killed, all hope.
I'm not in pain for you.

If it couldn't be done then it couldn't be done.
Doesn't matter, doesn't matter.
There's no body that can resist it
Nor evil that lasts a hundred years, a hundred years.

As much as this disease might last.
As much as it may hurt it will be over, it will be over.
Whenever it rains you'll be wet
and even if you're soaked it will dry off, it will dry off

Kűldve: JohannesPerez Szerda, 27/10/2010 - 08:32
Szerző észrevételei:

In case you wonder, I've chosen "to be in pain" because to me it's more suitable a translation of "sufrir" in this case than the literal "to suffer".
"... suffer for you" also sounds bad imo Smile too many f's

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