Stone dream* (Sonho de Pedra)

Angol translation

Stone dream*

Do you wanna see a dream coming true?
So, wake up and realize this shit*1world!
What good thing do you have to say?2
Do you wanna see a day becoming normal?
So always wake up with that stone dream!
What good thing do you have to do?3
You will never be that star.
No, you will never have that body.
You will never have the success that you see
And you will never see what money does4
When will you see it?
Your star says:
'You have to love who you are!"
Do you want a normal day? So always wake up with this stone dream!
  • 1. Shit*: I prefered to put this '*', but it is supposed to be understood as an Adjective for 'world'.
  • 2. 4x que bom: the construction of some questions in Portuguese are different from English, that's why it would make no sense or be odd if I wrote like in Portuguese (which would be: "What good good good good thing do you have to say?". So, the repetitive "bom = good" has been written after "What", one time though.
  • 3. Same case
  • 4. Money does: everything you can buy with money.
Kűldve: dowlenon1 Szerda, 29/08/2012 - 22:41
Szerző észrevételei:

* I believe the title of the song, "Stone Dream", refers to those dreams that will never come true, as well as the singer says in the song.

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Lemoncholic4 év 29 hét

Sonho de Pedra

Queres ver o sonho tornar-se real
Então acorda para este mundo de merda
Que tens tu a dizer?
Que bom, que bom, que bom, que bom!
Queres ver um dia tornar-se normal
Então acorda sempre neste sonho de pedra!
Que tens tu pra fazer?
De bom, de bom, de bom, de bom!
Tu nunca vais ser aquela estrela
Não, tu nunca vais ter aquele corpo
Tu nunca vais ter o sucesso que vês
E o dinheiro o que faz
Quando é que vais ver?
A tua estrela diz:
Como é que tens de amar quem tu és!
Queres um dia normal então acorda sempre neste sonho
de pedra.
Kűldve: Lemoncholic Szerda, 29/08/2012 - 19:14
Lemoncholic     augusztus 30th, 2012

Here we go again!

I agree with your version for the title. Maybe, the lyricist meant that some people are sort of "dull as stones" = will never become stars.

dowlenon1     augusztus 30th, 2012

Yes, that's right Smile