You're aging [ Stareesh (Старееш) ]

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You're aging

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Just one moment
Give to me
What I am looking for
That what is within you
You’re becoming
A long dream
I’m watching you, as you’re aging
The day is, the day is red
She’s laughing
See sees through stone
And when you run away from me
I’m watching you from the window
As you walk away,
And I breathe heavily
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The title can also be "You're getting older"/"You're growing old", but this one sounds better to me.

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Stareesh (Старееш)

Само еден миг
дај ми го
Она што го барам јас
Она што е во тебе
Ти стануваш
Долг сон
Те гледам како старееш


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