Everything Is A Lie (Sve Je Laz)

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Everything Is A Lie

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Oh, how can you tell everyone
How I've never loved you
How I wanted everything that was yours
For a little bit of my tenderness
Everything is a lie, I swear it
Everything is a lie, God is my witness
You know very well, that I would remain yours
If only you wouldn't give yourself to another woman
People tell me that you live miserably
That you line-up empty bottles on the table
And they also tell me that you blame me
For your bitter fate
I really wonder what will happen to your soul
When you tell such lies about me
I'm not obligated to you
Therefor change the subject
Kűldve: MayGoLoco Vasárnap, 30/08/2009 - 14:25

Sve Je Laz

O kako mozes pricati svima
kako te nikad volela nisam
kako sam htela sve sto je tvoje
za malo neznosti moje


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