Tango of tomorrow

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Tango of tomorrow

Tonight I found again like finding a brother again
the tango born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires
the one who has its roots deep
in the pain and joy of the Argentinian people

I'll lend him my voice and he's offering his music
spurting out of that country in south america
a millenial continent as well as exile haven
next to Chile close to Brasil

A land ravaged a hundred times always reviving
where life and death come together to sing
where love dances till dawn
where hope and grief are in the same feast

Tonight I found again a brother from the third world
latin America and the east will reunite
the tamtam, the guitar and the bandoneon*
accompanying the call for revolution

A revolution where everything will be music at last
where neither fear nor famine exist
Music will be the new harmony
of a world reborn over an ended world

That music I can already hear
it's a cry so violent as tender at the same time
That song almost forgot this tango of tomorrow
tonight while listening at it I feel argentinean

Kűldve: evfokas Csütörtök, 22/09/2011 - 16:13
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*The bandoneon is a accordion commnly used in Argentina

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