Lost Time (Tempo Perdido)

Angol translation

Lost Time

Everyday when I wake up
I no longer have
The time that has passed
But I have plenty of time
We have all the time in the world...
Before sleeping
I remember and forget
How the day was
Always going forward
We have no time to waste...
Our sacred sweat
Is way more beautiful
Than this bitter blood
And so serious
And wild! Wild!
See the Sun
In such a gray morning
The storm that comes
Has the color of your eyes
So hold me tight
And tell me once more
That we're already
Far away from everything
We have our own time
We have our own time
We have our own time...
I'm not afraid of the dark
But leave the lights
On for now
What was hidden
Is what hid itself
And what was promised
Nobody promised
Neither was time lost
We're so young
So young! So young...
Kűldve: Harbinger Szombat, 19/05/2012 - 05:49
Szerző észrevételei:

This is a very literal translation, there was no changing of the lyrics to best suit interpretation.

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Tempo Perdido

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