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I'm Nobody! Who Are You?
by Emily Dickinson

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us -don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.
How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

Angol, Francia, Német, Latin, Orosz

50 translations posted by ruscornelicaDetailsÖsszes fordítás

Valeriu PenisoaraRoata's speach to Divan Román → AngolRomán → Angol
PartajBarefoot in the snow Román → AngolRomán → Angol
EcoulFrom childhood Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Puiu ChibiciLord, bring again those past times Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Christmas CarolsAt the End of the Light Román → AngolRomán → Angol
KSM IsraelHallelujah (Great Is The Lord) Héber → Angol2Héber → Angol
Sarbatoarea orchestrelorLet's always celebrate God Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Grupul Coral AlbiniHis steps are heard on the road Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Beni Cibu si grup din BucovinaDidn't you know that Lord is here Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Beni Cibu si grup din BucovinaWonderful Garden of Love Román → Angol2
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Román → Angol
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Grupul Hava MaranathaBlessed are those Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Grupul Hava MaranathaWhen Moses climbed the mountain Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Grupul Hava MaranathaSun, stand thou still Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Nelu GaborI am a poor child, forgotten by the world Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Ovidiu LiteanuThe Gospel Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Cântările MileniuluiWe've got hard times Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Cântările MileniuluiDo not be sad, dear soul Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Mariana Somesan"Follow Me," Christ said to us Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Mariana SomesanI came down from Heaven Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Cristian si Cristiana VaduvaToward the Land above Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Meydad TasaIn your ways I chose Héber → AngolHéber → Angol
Mihai EminescuCarols, carols Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Adrian PăunescuTime set on edge Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Valeriu PenisoaraThe former love Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Puiu ChibiciThese things saith the Lord Román → Angol
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Román → Angol
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Puiu ChibiciPeter weeps bitterly in the garden Román → AngolRomán → Angol
George NicolescuEternity Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Dana MoldovanThere's no one like you, Jesus Román → Angol
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Román → Angol
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Eva ManceInto the upper room Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Mircea RusuDewy green Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Carmen ProdanI miss Heaven Román → Angol
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Román → Angol
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Eva ManceHope Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Tatiana StepaYet, Autumn is coming Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Orchestra MaieruO Lord Jesus, our Savior Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Danut AschileanLove and Mercy Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Danut AschileanLord, who are these ones? Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Vio DiacuEven if the waves come over and over Román → AngolRomán → Angol
grupul eliezerSimon, tell me Román → Angol
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Román → Angol
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Speranta si PrieteniiShout to the Lord Román → Angol
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Román → Angol
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Rugul aprins - TofleaGive us Whitsunday Román → Angol
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Román → Angol
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Nelu GaborOh, endure still a little while, dove Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Orchestra MaieruOut of the depths I cry to you, Lord Román → AngolRomán → Angol
K.G.MarkoseMaster of Israel Maláj → Angol
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Maláj → Angol
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Traian DorzSing, sing, sing as David did Román → Angol
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Román → Angol
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Puiu ChibiciIsrael, Israel, Israel Román → Angol
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Román → Angol
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Better Life TeamImmanuel, Immanuel Arab → Angol
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Arab → Angol
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Adrian PăunescuManifesto for Earth's health Román → AngolRomán → Angol
Nederland ZingtHoly God, we praise Thy name Holland → AngolHolland → Angol
K.J. YesudasHosana Maláj → TransliterationMaláj → Transliteration
Ben SnofOnly One Héber → Angol2Héber → Angol