Old Lovers (Viejos Amores)

Angol translation

Old Lovers

they come to visit you from time to time
they only announce
in a light dream
the hands together
are the old lovers that travel to you
maze of flowers
though not the names
Tienen form of air and two weapons
always known
nobody can change
the music of their words
are the old lovers that appear
without want, suddenly
though not the names
those that rescue you from some abyss
those that give the smile
they call to be tomorrow Sunday through the window
are the old lovers that are in
always beating
though not the names
Kűldve: science man Hétfő, 03/01/2011 - 09:26

Viejos Amores

Vienen a visitarte de tanto en tanto
Ellos solo se anuncian
en un sueno liviano
juntan las manos