Moscow (Moskva)

Angol translation


I know the roads in this city
I know the people that don't allow me to go
Every step, every moment
In peak hour on MKAD*
In this city not every one is hero,
If you aren't the first, you already aren't the second
Everyone is brute, everyone is brave
If you are late so it's late
You should know you aren't the first who
Would like to take everything if he/she had a power
You see only what you what to see
But behind you people talk about you, but you don't want to hear, don't hear
All Moscow is bright, all Moscow burns, all Moscow shine for us
And I know nobody who has not burnt in an answer
We can be in this city only one hour
Other (hours) don't ask what we want
Are you lucky or aren't?
Will you buy a ticket to home?
In this city they answer for a question with a question
If you believe (to people) it means you aren't for this city
If you know the answer
It means you are here
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В этом городе я знаю пути.
Знаю тех, кто мне мешает идти...
Каждый шаг, каждый миг
По кольцу и в час пик...


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Thank you ^^