viscous spleen [ Vyazkaya Toska (вязкая тоска) ]

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viscous spleen

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I know you’re far away now
but you miss me as I miss you
I can’t not to see you and not to wait you
day by day we’re more far away from each other
The lower sound of covered eyelids
The dumb shiver, the light is off
and the heart beating
I’m hearing a bit
I’m calling for the rain today
and eyewater on my chicks is as a hot rainfall
as a moon I’m alone today, and you’re alone too
I’ll never understand
why the sadness so hesitantly relishing pain
let the heart devided in two
then not to be with you
I’m tortured by viscous spleen
with cool light near the temple
again the moon is so lonely as you
the day is further, the night in nearer
I want to fall asleep
but melancholy comes from the emptyness
and I’ll let it inside again
and the eyewater on my chicks as a hot rainfall
like the moon I’m lonely today
and you’re alone too
I’ll never understand
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Vyazkaya Toska (вязкая тоска)

я знаю, сейчас ты далеко
но так же скучаешь по мне, как я
я не могу тебя не видеть и ждать
и с каждым днём мы всё дальше друг от друга
потише звук прикрытых век.
немая дрожь, потушен свет,
и в сердца стук , чуть слышу я,


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