Oh Traveler (Ya Rayah)

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Oh Traveler

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Chorus :
Oh traveler, where you going ? You'll end up back
How many people have regretted unwise before you and me (bis)
How many overpopulated countries and desert areas have you seen?
How much time have you wasted? How much are you losing more and that you let ?
Oh you the stranger, you never cease to run in other countries
Destiny and time follow their race but you do not know it
(Chorus x2)
Why is it your heart so sad? Why are you standing there like an unhappy?
The difficulties do not last and you do not learn build and nothing more
The days do not last, just like your youth and mine
Oh the unfortunate luck of which went like mine
(Chorus x2)
Oh you who travel, I give you an advice to follow now
See what suits you before you buy or sell
Oh you the sleepy, news reached me of you, it happened to you what happened to me
So the heart back to its creator the Almighty
(Chorus x2)
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Sorry for my english who is surely not perfect i'm a french girl .. I hope I Helped you

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Ya Rayah

Please help to translate "Ya Rayah"
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Thank you so much! Merci beaucoup!! The translation has given me jest and good enough translation. Love from California!!

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