Together (Zusammen)

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They leave us no choice
They want us to never see each other again
They separate us - they force us
To endure this way

What we have is so strong
We will never fly alone
What we are, what we do
They will never more forbid

We stand together
We go together
Together until death
We live together
We soar together
Together until death

You are by me - I am by you
We will never let each other go again

We don't know fear
We seek and find our happiness
Because behind the gray clouds
Waits the light, there is no turning back

What we have is so big
We will win together
What we are and what we do
Will only lie in our hands

We stand together

We believe our love gives us strength
You wanted us separated, you didn't manage to do that
We go our way into freedom together
The power of two hearts is now ready
Heart by heart, hand in hand, nothing more holds us back
Before us, the sky in the back of the world
I feel safe there where we'll soon be
Forever - we're falling - we soar in the wind

We stand together

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