Star called Sun [ Zvezda po imyeni Solntse (Звезда По Имени Солнце) ]

Angol translation

Star called Sun

White snow, gray ice,
On a cracked earth.
As a patched cover on it -
A town in the loop of a road.
And clouds are floating above the town,
Blocking the heavenly light,
And above the town - a yellow smoke,
The town is two thousand years old,
Lived under the light of the star
Called Sun...
And there's a war over two thousand years,
A war without a special reason.
A war – the job for the youth,
A medicine against wrinkles.
Red, red blood
After one hour its simply an earth,
After two on it flowers and grass,
After three its alive again
And warmed with the rays of the star
Called Sun...
And we know that it has always been this way,
That we love more with the destiny
Who's living according to other rules
And who's to die young.
He doesn't remember the word “yes“ and the word “no“,
He doesn't remember neither the rank, nor the names.
And able to reach to the stars,
Despite, that it is a dream ,
And fall, scorched by the star called Sun
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This is a word to word translation, unfortunately it does not carry across the soul of the song!

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Zvezda po imyeni Solntse (Звезда По Имени Солнце)

Белый снег, серый лед,
На растрескавшейся земле.
Одеялом лоскутным на ней -
Город в дорожной петле.
А над городом плывут облака,
Закрывая небесный свет.
А над городом - желтый дым,


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AN60SH     december 23rd, 2012

!!!!! Идёт! Хотя сомнения, что "англичане" воспринимают тире??? Здесь вспом. глагол напрашивается, хотя, "русский акцент" -- вперёд!

v2sobol     január 7th, 2013

This version is beautiful