Habla, Oh Dios


Speak O Lord

Speak, O Lord, as we come to You,
To receive the food of Your holy word.
Take Your truth, plant it deep in us;
Shape and fashion us in Your likeness,
That the light of Christ might be seen today,
In our acts of love and our deeds of faith.
Speak, O Lord, and fulfill in us all your purposes,
For Your glory.

Teach us Lord full obedience,
Holy reverence, true humility.
Test our thoughts and our attitudes,
In the radiance of Your purity.
Cause our faith to rise,
Cause our eyes to see,
Your majestic love and authority.
Words of power that can never fail;
Let their truth prevail over unbelief.

Speak, O Lord, and renew our minds;
Help us grasp the heights of Your plans for us.
Truths unchanged from the dawn of time,
That will echo down through eternity.
And by grace we’ll stand on Your promises;
And by faith we’ll walk as You walk with us.
Speak, O Lord, till Your church is built,
And the earth is filled with Your glory.

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Habla, Oh Dios

Habla Oh Dios y yo escucharé
quiero recibir tu palabra fiel
Tu Verdad plántala en mi ser
y moldéame a tu imagen
Que tu voz, oh Dios, dé su fruto en mí
produciendo amor y el obrar por fe.
Habla oh Dios y haz tu obra en mí, para tu honor
y tu gloria

Habla oh Dios y enséñame
humildad real, reverencia a Ti.
Pruébame y escudríñame
bajo el resplandor de tu santidad
Haz crecer mi fe
Haz que pueda ver
tu glorioso amor y tu autoridad.
Que tu voz, voz de gran poder
quite de mi ser, la incredulidad

Habla, oh Dios, y renuévame
para comprender tus propósitos
Tu verdad nunca cambiará,
permanecerá por la eternidad
Junto a Ti, por fe, yo caminaré
Tus promesas son mi único sostén
Habla, oh Dios, edifícanos
Llena el mundo hoy de tu gloria.

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