wahashtini [ Wahashteeni (وحشتيني) ]

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i see your eyes and i feel that i know it
let me describe it's beauty , why are you shy !
feeling like u're with me for so long time
with the same picture in my mind from so long ago
i see u in my dreams for years and calling out for u , hug me
for many night i wasn't alive and waiting for you to bring me back to life
i miss u , i miss u , so many years passed and i couldn't see you
for many night i wasn't alive and waiting for u to bring me back to life
you are the best gift that fate gave to me
you are my moon in my nights how can i describe u !
i swear that life became better in my eyes with u
i fell in ur love at the 1st sight
i will say it > i love u i hope before i say it
you hug me suddenly and then we say it together
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Wahashteeni (وحشتيني)

عيونك شايفها وحاسس اننا عارفها
سبيني براحتي اوصفها مكسوفه ليه
كأنك معايا بقالك عمر ويايا
بنفس الصوره جوايا من قد ايه


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