ما بتغنى بوعى تغنى ضيعتيلى
عقلى منى وخلايتينى أدوب
بعقد وحدى وبحاكى حالى
ولما بشوفك جاى أبالى بمشى بالمقلوب

خلايتى الاخرس يحكى
روسى وتلاينى وتركى
المكرسح يرقص دبكى والاعمى يصيبك بالعين
ونحدك الممراتى من عرئك بصير بشتى
أولع فيا الحراره يطلع ضغطى للعشرين
للبهلك لو شوفتى حالك يا حلوه عليا بجمالك أنا مهضوم كتير
دخيلك شو عملتى فيا أنا مش عم صدق عنيا شو عم بيصير
عقلى برأسى ما خليتلى
شغلتى قلبى خربتى بيتى
وما عم بقدر نام

شيلك من قلبى بلائيكى
بعيونك أنا عم داريكى وأنا عايش بالاحلام

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Try to align


don't sing ,you'll make me lose my mind
and you mede me melt
i sit and talk to my self
and when i see you coming i walk appositly

you made the dumb speak
russian,italian,and turkish
you made the handicap dance "dabki"(type of dance known in turkey lebanon and syria),and the blind look at you badly
your sweat became like rain to me
he set me on fire and my blood pression got high till 20
don't think that you're better than me with your beauty,i'm so cute
may god protect you ,what you've done to me i can't believe my eyes,what's happening?
you didn't keep my mind in my head
you occupied my heart you got me in trouble
and i' can't sleep

i take you off my heart,although i found you there again
i'm treating you right for the sake of your eyes and i'm living in dreams

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