Be my lover (Ashegham bash)

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Be my lover

You will find out one day who I am for you
I am in love with you, love me when I admire and worship you (2x)
You broke my heart but my heart is still faithfully loyal and devoted to you
It won’t get rid of love,Ouch! No it’s not aimless
Life is like all the flowers, blossoms and buds
Life is all the love talks
These separations between us, are the tales of the time
But Life still has its beauties
The world of those, madly in love is the world of affection
I will sacrifice myself and give my life) the moment that your eyes are looking at me
Your heart is with others, it is not looking for me
God forbid if your nest will be burned
Everything I said was a secret I whispered
The excitement and viciousness of love is my grin and song
I had enjoyed the moments with you
You saw that I ignored the titles and traditions
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Ashegham bash

خودت یه روز می فهمی من واسه تو چی هستم
عاشقم و عاشقم باش وقتی تو رو می پرستم
عاشقم و عاشقم باش وقتی تو رو می پرستم
دلمو شکستی اما بازم وفاداره دل


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