Canto del servo pastore

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Canto del servo pastore

where does the rosemary grow, there is a dark spring
where does my destiny walk there is a thread of fear
nobody will teach me which is the direction
i do not know which is my true name yet

when the moon loses the wool and the sparrow loses the street
when every angel is in chains and every dog barks
take your sadness in your hand and blow it in the river
dress your pain in leaves and hide it in feather

there is a little of my hair under each rockrose from here to the sea
there is a drawing of all my knives under each cork
the love of houses, the love dressed white
i have never knew and never betrayed

my father is a hawk, my mother is a haystack, they stay over the hill
and they eyes without depth follow my moon
night night night alone alone like my fire(place)
lean your head on my heart and turn it off little by little

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Canto del servo pastore

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