Black Mercedes (Crno mece)

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Black Mercedes

every evening, every evening
every evening, every evening
a black Mercedes
so beautiful girl doesn't go nowhere tonight
a friday evening you at home, it's really pity
how I want to see each other
next to me, nothing will miss you
every evening, every evening
every evening a black Mercedes
when I come to you
I will come right away, just call me
when you're ready
when you are with me, you don't need to worry about your words
like a drop on your palm
to take care for you
what you will do at home alone tonight, c'mon tell me
the whole town is outside and you don't wanna go out
when you're with me, I would not search for anything else
I would give everything so that we can be together all the time
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Crno mece

Svako vece, svako vece
svako vece, svako vece
crno mece
Tako lijepa cura nocas nikud ne ide
petak vece ti u kuci stvarno steta je
kako zelim da se vidim sa tobom
kraj mene ti nista ne bi falilo


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