Da radslan tar farval

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Da radslan tar farval

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I would like to dare belive that thought
it gives me no calm
Tell me you are there for me
for my life, my heart
you are there for me in my pain

I ask you, come to me
look at me and touch me
the thought smiles at you
my longing has rushed in all my sences
lead me home, come fill my inner

that who gives my life a meaning
is the pure thought of a compound
between that is me and that is my longing [???] is
think if the courage will bear the thought
think if I waited just to feel
the hope tread in the dwelling of the soul
and the fear will say farwell

Postato da Tussen Gio, 10/01/2008 - 22:00

Da radslan tar farval

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