Give me a hug with your eyes [ Domeny Bwayonak (ضمني بعينك) ]


Domeny Bwayonak (ضمني بعينك)

ضمنى بعيونك حسسنى بحبك لياقرب نور لياليا
في أجمل اية ف الدنيا غير أنى ف حضنك أعيش
انا عيشت سنين استناك دا الحب اللى انا بتمناة
كان قبلك ضايع عمرى ومكنتش يوم عايشاة
ولا هقدر اعيش بعديك ولا قلبى يكون غير ليك
ولا كل الكون بيساوى لهفتى وحنينى ليك
دا اللى اتمنيته والحلم اللى انا حبيته
وياك عيشته وحسيته
ومعاك حبيت الدنيا واتمنيت متسيبنيش
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Give me a hug with your eyes

give me a hug with your eyes , let me feel your love , make the light of my nights get closer
there's not better than living on your lap
I lived many years waiting for you , that's the love that I always dreamed of
your heart was lost , I was never living my lifetime
And Neither I will be able to live after you , nor my heart will be to another person
Nor all the globe can equal my eagerness and nostalgia to you
That's what I wished , and the dream I liked
with you I lived it and felt it ( means dream come true )
With you , I loved the world and wished that never let me alone
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