My country/my land (Domovina)

traduzione in Inglese

My country/my land

Sadness is overwhelming me
cuz I'm gonna leave my home
I'm gonna go far away, in a foreign place/land
I won't come back anymore.
My land,my land
farewell,farewell for last time
grob dajala, mi enkrat.--> here I'm not so sure but mentions a grave
Mum& Dad, keep healthy/keep being well
keep the memory of me (some kinda)
cause here,far away
the thoughts in my heart are for u
My land,my land
Stars, which have shone on me
here I'm not sure
u'll watch over me
when ,being abroad,i won't see the morning (not sure)
My land, my land...
Postato da Ospite Ven, 01/01/2010 - 00:00


Žalost mene, premaguje
ker zapustil bom svoj dom
šel bom daleč v kraje tuje
več nazaj, prišel nebom
Domovina, Domovina
zbogom zbogom, zadnji krat
bog v k'tera, bo ravnina


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