I'm a stone-flower


Gole sangam


gole sangam, gole sangam
chi begam az dele tangam?
mese aftab
age bar man natabi
sardam o bi rangam

hame aham, hame dardam
mese tofan pore gradam
bade mastam
ke to sahra mipicham
dore to migardam

mese baroon
age nabari
khabar az hale man nadari
bi to par par misham do roze
dele sanget baram misooze

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I'm a stone-flower

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I'm a stone-flower, I'm a stone-flower
what do I say from my sad heart?
like the sun
if you don't shine on me(1)
so I'm cold and colorless

I'm all ah(2), I'm all pain
I'm full of dust like a tornado
I'm a drunk wind
that I screw in desert
and adore you

like the rain
if you don't rain(on me)
so you don't understand me
I will die without you in a short time(3)
(then even) your stony heart will pity for me

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LOL "that i screw in desert" made me laugh :biggrin: