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Wily wily ya ba
Wily ya ba ya ba ...
Passage de Cheb Mami (en arabe):
i was talking about you last night
with my heart and my nostalgia
people saw me while gazing
and hiding inside me
i'm calling you,come if you hear
you embrace me with the warmth of your eyes
make me happy and tell me you're coming back
make my life sweet
Passage de Zaho:
she can't console him
but can make him change his mind
i haven't stopped crying
since he's gone
he tells me he's sorry
and that he wants to come back
so i can forgive
all what has been done to me
Wily wily ya ba
Wily ya ba ya ba ...
Passage de Zaho:
he tells me he changed a lot
even if he cheated on me
and that he's ready to revenge
but i don't feel like it
to pass after asking me
if it's really over
among all that have understood
why did i pick him?
Passage de Cheb Mami (en arabe):
my beloved,my heart needs you
i'm also that's calling you
you increased my suffering while you're gone
and separation has an end
for the sake of god come back oh my eyes
why are you forgetting me this way?
stay beside me forever
it satisfies me ,that's enough for me
Wily wily ya ba
Wily ya ba ya ba
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