Dancing with my shadow [ Horos me ti skia mou (Χώρος με τη σκιά μου) ]

traduzione in Inglese

Dancing with my shadow

at night I return home
"hunted" as (a) bird
within (these) "sheets" of mine, I "confront"
"death", "calling" me
I "conceal" (with)in (the) "hands", the "heart"
I "remove" from the "doors", the "keys"
and I "strive" to "escape" (death)
"hidden", like "little children" (do)
I "flow" (downwards) like (a) "teardrop", in the "silence"
within the "world's" "shame"
and while my clothes I "tear to shreds"
"bare", the "lightning" "grabs" (hold of) me
in the streets, (a) "companion" I "seek"
a "band" is "playing" the "rhythm"
I "tear" (down) the "walls" and I "dance"
to "find" the "unknown number"
I "gaze" with "hope", a "fire"
that a "star" "lights up" in the "south"
Is it "possible" that my "light" is "there" ?
the "light" or, the "endless wilderness"
I am "freightened" of the "swarm's" "bile"
a "hurricane" is "calling" me
"Love" is "lost" in "memory"
and I, I'm "dancing" like "mad"
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Horos me ti skia mou (Χώρος με τη σκιά μου)

Το βράδυ σπίτι μου γυρίζω
κυνηγημένη σαν πουλί
μες στα σεντόνια μου αντικρίζω
το θάνατο που με καλεί
Κρύβω στα χέρια την καρδιά
παίρνω απ΄τις πόρτες τα κλειδιά
και προσπαθώ να του ξεφύγω
κρυφά σαν τα μικρά παιδιά


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