Testo della canzone: Crimson River


Crimson River

1. There’s a river flowing deep and wide,
Coming from the Savior’s side;
From his hands, his feet, his brow,
Underneath this river I’ll abide.

Crimson river cover me,
And this blood-bought one will be
Purer than the breath of spring,
Cleaner than a sparkling stream.

2. Through the ages it has never dried,
Though the Spring it came from died,
For the Spring, reborn now, intercedes for me,
And the crimson river sets me free.

3. Then eternity will be,
But a starting place for me,
To praise the Lamb and all because
The crimson river covers all.

Postato da Pastor Juan G Gio, 22/04/2010 - 15:04
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