My life is Switzerland (Moj je zivot Svicarska)

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My life is Switzerland

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From time to time
I mention your name
from time to time
I call the number
988 no one knows who I am

Forgive me that I bother you
I know it's late
and that you're busy
but I guess it's clear to you

Tonight I'm in crisis
like the tower in Piza
tonight be good
like you never was,you know,that

My life is Switzerland
almost perfect like a shiny brilliant
sharpened by crafty hand
I have everything that I wish just 1 thing not
that someone even for a moment loves me cause of myself

From time to time
I mention your name
without doubts I call your number
tonight I care,do you hear me fool
come before my heart stops


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Moj je zivot Svicarska

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