There may be (Pode Lá Ser)

traduzione in Inglese

There may be

Exchange that fate, go round the soul
And write a less lonely song
Exchange this pain for something better
Even if it’s in a lower tone.
Throw out the fear
That is in your soul
And slow your steps
Because you have places to go and your song
Still will help people
It may even be
A day without sun and a night without moon
But Lisbon remains nude without Tejo
They may say
That the fado* has lost its parents’ colours
But the fado*, my country, do not die anymore.
It will be a flaw
Not having a way or by nature
Running away from the tradition
Will it be so different? When it feels
That only the heart has voice.
I sing a different history
I write the memory in my measure
But everything is so equal
Why does the time matter, if there is feeling
Gentlemen, is entirely Portugal.
Postato da Layla Gio, 10/01/2008 - 22:00

Pode Lá Ser

Troca esse fado, dá a volta à alma
E faz um canto menos só
Troca essa dor por algo melhor
Mesmo que seja em tom menor.
Sacode o medo
Que trazes preso à alma


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