Slowly [ Siga Siga (Σιγά σιγά) ]

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It got dark, time passed
it's been one year since the morning
the war was tough
each one won by himself
Now I can hold you
like a fading face
Everything we went through
leaves an autumn
It's late, don't come back
don't remind me of leaving me again
Slowly, I am getting over you
Slowly I am putting zeros on yesterday
You see, such love didn't have enough space
in just a few square-feet
Slowly, I am getting over you
Slowly, even if you're blurring my mind
I'm leaving, seeking my soul up north
A soul that I'd lost long ago
You were a pain in my heart
that had been dead from before
You had no mercy in your soul
In a soul that isn't enough for you
Now I can hold you
now, that guilt darkens you
The time has passed
It's morning, yet it's getting dark
It's late, don't come back
Slowly, I'm getting over you......
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Siga Siga (Σιγά σιγά)

Βράδιασε πέρασε ο καιρός
απ' το πρωί πάει ένας χρόνος
Ήταν ο πόλεμος σκληρός
νίκησε ο καθένας μόνος
Τώρα μπορώ να σε κρατώ
σαν ένα πρόσωπο που σβήνει
Ό,τι περάσαμε μαζί


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