Sultan Qalbah (Sultan e Qalbam)

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Sultan Qalbah

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on the one hand, i want to go, to go
on the other hand, i don't want to go
I don't have the strength
what can i do without you
with beautiful love
the world is very small
i'm with the memory of you everywhere, everywhere
so i don't abandon you
you are the king of my heart
you broke down all the doors to my soul (or heart)
you have tied my heart with love
you bound me with you (shaky on the translation of these last two lines)
Now if I'm anywhere far from you
I can't bind my heart to another
i'm overflowing with hope and desire
oh beautiful lover
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Sultan e Qalbam

Yak Del Mega boro boro, yak delam mega naro naro
Taqat nadaara delam betoo, beto chekonammmmm.
Pesh eshq zeba, zeba,
khail-e kochak az dunya, dunya


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