Travel to mind (Yolculuk Rüzgara)

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Travel to mind

my eyes that are Lost in thought are in shadows
It sets on fire and goes before hopes die down
If its difficuLt to break connections off ,if it doesnt puLL up its position
That memont is now, there r not tomorrow
I dont submit
ashes of Love are in my hand ,traveL to wind
I throwed into the air them with turning
Postato da eGo1st Gio, 10/01/2008 - 22:00

Yolculuk Rüzgara

Dalıp giden gözlerim gölgelerde
Yakar gider umutlar sönmeden
Dar gelince kopartmak bağları sökmezse yerinden
O an şimdi yarın yok
Teslim olmam
Aşkın külleri ellerimde yolculuk rüzgara


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