chain of love (Zinxhiri I Dashurisë)

traduzione in Inglese

chain of love

oh friend(girl) with gold on your neck
are you alone, or alone with another
silver hair, blue eyes
how didn't i take you to be my bride
you came with gold on your neck
our memory brought us together
it brings you into these arms of mine
this chain that holds the marking that you want
this thin chain washed with gold
won't you say something to me, like when you were a little girl
this think chain washed with gold
won't you say a word to me, (or) laugh at one of my jokes
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Zinxhiri I Dashurisë

Mike moj mike me flori në grykë
Vetëm je a vet' e dytë
Flokargjendta sylaroshe
Si s'të mora moj për nuse.
Erdhe moj erdhe me flori në grykë
Na bashkoi kujtimi ynë
Ty të sjell në krahët e mi


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