CRY (Ağla)

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I'm like a dried up river
I feel so tired even though I have not started
It seems to me that I can see my end now
Sing by yourself, play by yourself, cry by yourself
Cry my heart cry, clad in mourning black
You never learn, cry more
You have no luck, cry more
Come my heart let us be on our way this county/these people will not lend themselves to us
The world is riding to its doom
From now on you will not sound around here
Sing by yourself, play by yourself, cry by yourself
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Suları kurumuş nehir gibiyim
Daha baştan yorulmuş durur gibiyim
Bundan sonra sonumu görür gibiyim
Söyle kendin, kendin çal, kendin ağla
Ağla yüreğim ağla, karalar bağla
Şu akılsız başınla, daha çok ağla
Şu talihsiz başınla, daha çok ağla


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