Ave Maria (pagan) [ Ave Maria païen ]

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Ave Maria (pagan)

Ave Maria
Pardon me
If in front of you
I can’t stand on my feet
Ave Maria
I, who cannot kneel
Ave Maria
Protect me
of the misery, the evil and the madmen
who reign over the world
Ave Maria
Strangers, they’re coming from everywhere
Ave Maria
Listen to me
Tear down those barriers between us
Who are all brothers
Ave Maria
Watch over my days and my nights
Ave Maria
Protect me
Watch over my love and my life
Ave Maria
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Ave Maria païen

Ave Maria
Si devant toi
Je ne tiens debout
Ave Maria
Moi qui ne sais pas me mettre à genoux


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SilentRebel83     marzo 8th, 2013

This is a very nice rendition. Thank you for translating!

aylin_22     marzo 8th, 2013

Thank you ! It's a pleasure Smile I liked all the songs of Notre-Dame de Paris (in French), my favourite was "Vivre"