Christmas Eve (Badnja noć)

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Christmas Eve

Snow is falling, codfish smells good,
There's a present wrapped under the tree
But she won't come
To get it
My friend, this Christmas Eve is going to be sad
This Christmas Eve
An illuminated train is sliding from the sky
Santa Claus is sleeping in it
The king of the poor
Is going to wave and pass
This Christmas Eve is going to be sad for some kids
This Christmas Eve
Tyrannical Herod
Got himself into problems, he was very mad
When Three Wise Men
Went on a trip following the star
Zagreb is glistering like crystal
Everyone is invited to the ball tonight
There's a candy waiting for you, powerful candy
Everyone is going to be happy
On this Christmas Eve
On this Christmas Eve
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Badnja noć

Pada snijeg, miriši bakalar
Ispod bora zamotan je dar
Ali po taj dar
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