Here I Am (Ben Varım)

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Here I Am

If any night you yearn the love,
If you consider the bygone days,
If all the parts of your heart get bare and all the hope is gone,
Don't be sad, here I am
Who know what you have passed through
You tried to be loved by the others,
Don't shed tears after the goners,
If he goes, here I am...
It feels as if the time was up,
While waiting for you,
I relied my heart on for only one love...
If you want, I can never go away,
If you have a call, I can come from faraways,
I used to be afraid of the loneliness, once upon a time
I don't anymore, here you are...
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Ben Varım

Bir akşam gözünde aşk tüterse,
Geçmiş günler, aklından geçerse,
Kalbin bomboş ümitler biterse,
Sen üzülme, ben varım...
Neler geçti kimbilir başından,
Sevgi umdun hep başkalarından,
Ağlama gidenlerin ardından,


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